Lady Captain’s Day Sunday 25th June

Well, what a day fabulous we had; the sun shone brightly, 32 ladies came in their summer attire, played golf, even though I did make you play a hole with wooden clubs, and most of all we had fun……Our club has such lovely ladies; we are very lucky, you all embraced the Lady Captains challenge and I hope you all got as much out of the day as I did – it was great to see all your smiling faces.

Thanks to everyone who showered me with the loveliest gifts and cards. I really did appreciate them – looks like I will now require a wine cellar…….

I hope you enjoyed the format, a light-hearted singles stableford, with a twist along the way. Thanks to Chris Cook who shared her format from her Lady Captain’s day; the format allowed for more players to receive prizes, which I thought was a great way to include as many winners as we could during the day … 11 Prize winners in total.

Lady Captains Day Winners:

Overall 18 Hole Winner               –             Liz Snow                            38 Points

Overall 9  Hole Winner                –             Sue Stimson                     18 Points             

Group Winners:

Sun Group                                     

1st Prize                                           –             Megan Grimwood          35 Points

2nd Prize                                          –             Jean Moulds                    32 Points

Beach Group

1st Prize                                           –             Liz Clark                            35 Points

2nd Prize                                          –             Kathie Finn                       31 Points

Sea Group

1st Prize                                           –             Bettyne Norton              33 Points

2nd Prize                                          –             Avis Webb                       32 Points

4 Corners Winner                          –             Sue Hitchman                  8 Points

Lady Captains Hidden Hole Winners

18 Hole                                            –             Margaret Smale              8 Points

9 Hole                                              –             Joan Allen                         5 Points

I would also like to thank all my helpers on the day, as without them, I would not have had such a perfect day:

Starter – Gordon Hughes

Card Checker – Owen Cook

Half Way House Hosts – Mike Hoggan & John Squires

7th Tee Hosts – Clive Watts – Club Captain & Jackie Watts

Club House Makeover Helper – Jan Brookes

Photography – Jan Brookes

I have attached the winner’s photos from the day, which will be also put up in the ladies’ locker room, along with more photos that were taken during the day.

Thanks a million, to everyone:

Dee Hughes – One Proud Lady Captain

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